Girls Write Pittsburgh inspires teen girls to find their voices through writing.

Girls Write Pittsburgh is the city’s only program designed to empower teen girls through the creative expression of writing, exposing them to a world of opportunity, through the craft.

Girls Write Pittsburgh provides an outlet for creativity. Girls in this writing program can go deep, whether they are writing for themselves or to share with others.” – Vivian Lee Croft

Are you interested in writing? Do you like poetry, fiction, nonfiction, songwriting, playwriting, screenwriting, blogging, journalism, storytelling, or other types of creative writing? Are you a girl between the ages of 13 and 18? Girls Write Pittsburgh is accepting applications for Fall 2016. Apply now. Girls Write Pittsburgh Application

Weekly Girls Write: Spaces sessions are held every Wednesday at Brookline Teen Outreach Center, 520 Brookline Blvd, from 6-7pm.

Weekend workshop dates and other program details, to be announced.


Girls Write Pittsburgh serves teen girls in the Pittsburgh region through the craft of creative writing, encouraging self-empowerment, growth, and discovery.


Teens (age 13+) in the 16 schools, grade 6 – 12 within the Pittsburgh Public Schools system are part of classrooms catering to more than 7,000 other students. Teen girls are a strong group in need of creative opportunities in middle school and high school. This critical time for a young girl requires boundary setting, an inclusive community for asking questions and sharing thoughts in a safe environment, and support from strong women. There is no available community in Pittsburgh catering to and consisting of teen girls who support one another, engage with one another, challenge one another in a creative setting, and prepare each other for life outside of middle and high school, particularly as Girls Write Pittsburgh provides.

Girls Write Pittsburgh partners with local outlets to provide a safe and supportive environment for girls to express their individuality through various forms of writing including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, songwriting, playwriting, screen writing, blogging, journalism, and more (Girls Write: Spaces). Other partner organizations play host to workshops and seminars geared toward preparedness including college readiness (Girls Write: Places). Participants in Girls Write Pittsburgh will also have the opportunity to publish and read in unique social settings (Girls Write: Faces).

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