The creative outlet of writing offers tools for personal growth and development, providing young writers in Girls Write Pittsburgh with a method of self-expression, along with skills that will last a lifetime. Teens participating in Girls Write Pittsburgh will interact with professional writers of various styles and, in one-to-one mentor sessions, will learn skills for pursuing careers in writing.

Girls Write Pittsburgh partners with local outlets to provide a safe and supportive environment for writers to express their individuality through various forms of writing including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, songwriting, playwriting, screen writing, blogging, journalism, and more (Girls Write: Spaces). Other partner organizations host to workshops geared toward preparedness including college readiness (Girls Write: Places). Participants in Girls Write Pittsburgh will also have the opportunity to publish and read in unique social settings (Girls Write: Faces).

Since our launch in October 2016, Girls Write Pittsburgh has had:

  • More than 120 attendance markers
  • Participants from 15 Pittsburgh neighborhoods
  • Participants representing 17 different schools