What We Do


Girls Write Pittsburgh is a free creative writing program designed specifically for self-identifying teen girls age 13 to 18. In addition to writing for fun and growing a personal portfolio, girls partner with a personal mentor for the duration of their participation in the program. Girls Write Pittsburgh welcomes teen girls for the duration of their middle and high school careers, providing them with mentorship and writing skills that will propel them toward a life of achievement.

Girls Write: Spaces
Girls Write Pittsburgh partners with local outlets to provide a safe and supportive environment for girls to express their individuality through various forms of writing including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, songwriting, playwriting, screenwriting, blogging, journalism, and more.

Girls Write: Places
Partner organizations host quarterly workshops and seminars for in depth and immersive writing experiences.

Girls Write: Faces

Participants in Girls Write Pittsburgh have the opportunity to read in unique social settings and publish collections of work.

Mentor Match
Teens participating in Girls Write Pittsburgh will be exposed to professional writers of various styles and, in one-to-one mentor sessions, will learn skills suitable for pursuing higher education and careers in communication and writing. Launching soon.

College, Ready, Write
The senior track will provide participating teens with college geared writing fundamentals specific to college entrance tests, entrance applications, and freshman year expectations guidance. This track will also integrate social education including mock interviews for college and internship/jobs.


Teen girls from all backgrounds with a desire to write, share, grow, and learn from the process of writing will benefit from the project aspects such as personal accountability, personal growth and development, critical thinking, communication, leadership, public speaking, social and interpersonal relationship skills development, and rhetoric.